Agency Selection and Appointment Process

MatchMaker™ is a proprietary tool developed by Yardstick to assist and guide companies through the process of selecting and appointing communication agencies. It has been very well received by the marketing and communication industry – corporate companies and agencies alike – as it enhances the transparency and credibility of a process that is often perceived to be subjective and ineffective.
MatchMaker™ ensures a truly transparent and professional process that enhances good corporate governance and guarantees commercial peace of mind. It also allows the corporate marketing team to remain focused on their core business as Yardstick takes on many of the complex and time consuming administrative tasks usually associated with a pitch process.

In just over a year Yardstick was involved in more than 30 agency appointment processes, has screened more than 300 agency credentials and has facilitated at least 99 pitch presentations. The smallest contract awarded was around R2-million and the largest R500-million. The overall term value of the contracts entered into is close to R5-billion.

Our knowledge and in-depth understanding of the very complex fee structures of agencies enable us to assist our clients in structuring the most cost effective remuneration agreements.

Yardstick ensures that clients have access to highly skilled and experienced marketing resources as well as the latest industry trends and best practices – not always available in-house. Examples include information on pitch fees, confidentiality, conflict of interest, intellectual capital pitfalls, etc.
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