Agency Relationship Management

Yardstick has developed a very successful client-agency relationship assessment called Y-CARE™. The assessment determines to what degree the client is satisfied with the products and services provided by the agency and it establishes the health of the client-agency relationship.

The evaluation encompasses both a quantitative and qualitative approach and is used to evaluate:

  • The client’s satisfaction with various dimensions of the agency’s services.
  • The importance of the various dimensions of the services.
  • The gap between the client’s perceptions and those anticipated by the agency.
  • Areas of concern.
  • Differences in services expectations of various divisions.

The objectives of the agency evaluations are to assess the agency’s performance on an ongoing basis and to ultimately improve the client-agency working relationship. This is achieved through:

  • Evaluation of client-agency inputs and outputs.
  • Determination of strengths/weaknesses in current approaches.
  • Collaborative development of improvement initiatives.

This programme has been implemented in over 75 client-agency relationships and provides the most comprehensive industry performance benchmarks available.

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