MatchMaker™ is a proprietary tool developed by Yardstick to assist and guide companies through the process of selecting and appointing communication agencies. It has been very well received by the marketing and communication industry – corporate companies and agencies alike – as it enhances the transparency and credibility of a process that is often perceived to be subjective and ineffective.

An agency handover can vary from a very simple to a very cumbersome process and is often influenced by the spirit in which a relationship has been terminated. The ultimate objective of the process is to ensure a smooth transition of the account from one creative agency to the next which often requires the two agencies to be working in parallel.

Expectation sessions are upfront interventions between the client and agency to achieve the following objectives:

Yardstick has developed a very successful client-agency relationship assessment called Y-CARE™. The assessment determines to what degree the client is satisfied with the products and services provided by the agency and it establishes the health of the client-agency relationship.

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Yardstick is SA’s leading consulting firm specialising in the provision of measurement and assurance services to the Marketing and Communication Industry.